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Women2Women Conversations Tour.

Women2Women Conversations Tour stops in Greensboro

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Nearly 100 women local to the Greensboro area joined the #CountMeIn movement — a nationwide effort to include and engage women in conversations affecting them at both a local and national level — to learn about pertinent federal policy, offer their opinions on issues of the day and hear from an inspirational panel of female leaders in the community and beyond.

Sarah Chamberlain, president and founder of the Women2Women Tour, kicked off the night with an in-depth overview of recent policies both passed and introduced at the federal level directly impacting women and their families. Most women in the audience were unfamiliar with legislation addressing issues that their families and careers could potentially benefit from, like federal grants for technical schools and expanding investment in small business.

The tour stop found that the cost of healthcare is overwhelmingly the number one issue for women in Greensboro, surpassing other issues like gun violence and education. Women surveyed also said equal pay and paid childcare would most help Greensboro women succeed in the workplace and 91% believe women do not have adequate access to capital

Women participating in the panel discussion included: Anne Beiler, founder of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels; Emily Dickens, corporate secretary and chief of staff for Society of Human Resource Management; Robin Hager, president and chief operating officer of Triad Business Bank; and Michelle Gethers Clark, president and CEO of United Way of Greater Greensboro.

Women2Women has four more tour stops planned for 2019 in Kansas City, Mo., New Orleans, Little Rock, Ark., and New York.


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