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Can We Count You In?

Can We Count You In? In 2017, the 11.6 million women-owned firms in the United States generated nearly $2 trillion in sales. Here in Bucks County, it is estimated that nearly 20,000 firms are women-owned, creating jobs & helping our local economy grow and thrive. It’s undeniable that these businesses,…

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2018 The Year Of The Woman

How you can help make 2018 the Year of the Woman By Sarah Chamberlain, Vilma Betancourt And Cherise Walker – Special to the Observer editorial board Over the last few months, one thing has been made very clear – 2018 is The Year of the Woman. Our platform to speak…

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What Women Want

What women want in 2018 by Sarah Chamberlain The platform for women who want to speak out, effect change, and become leaders for the next generation of women and girls has never been bigger. The #MeToo and Time’s Up movements have propelled hundreds of women into the spotlight whose voices…

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